The Origin of Life​—Five Questions Worth Asking

Examine the evidence and then decide for yourself whether to believe in evolution or creation.

A Student’s Dilemma

Students who have been taught about creation often face a difficult choice.


How Did Life Begin?

The answer to this question can have a profound effect on your whole outlook.


Is Any Form of Life Really Simple?

If the theory of evolution is true, it should offer a plausible explanation of how the first “simple” cell formed by chance.


Where Did the Instructions Come From?

Biologists have spent decades studying human genetics and the detailed instructions embedded in the amazing DNA molecule.


Has All Life Descended From a Common Ancestor?

Charles Darwin and his successors theorized that all species descended from a single original life form. Is that what really happened?


Is It Reasonable to Believe the Bible?

That book is often represented or quoted in such a way that it sounds unreasonable, unscientific, or just plain wrong. Is it possible that the Bible has been misrepresented?


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