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SEPTEMBER 15, 2023

Book of Matthew Released in Chin (Hakha) and Mizo

Book of Matthew Released in Chin (Hakha) and Mizo

On two consecutive weekends, members of the Myanmar Branch Committee released The Bible—The Good News According to Matthew in two local languages. On September 3, 2023, Brother Sai Hlua released it in Chin (Hakha). Then, on September 10, Brother Clifton Ludlow released it in Mizo.

Chin (Hakha)

The release was announced in a special prerecorded program that was distributed to Chin (Hakha)-speaking congregations in Myanmar using JW Box. A total of 397 people attended viewings of the program at various Kingdom Halls throughout Myanmar. After the program, printed copies of the release were distributed to those in attendance. The release was also made available in digital and audio formats.

Chin (Hakha) is primarily spoken in the Chin Hills of northwestern Myanmar. Over 200,000 people worldwide speak Chin (Hakha). More than 220 publishers in Myanmar serve in five Chin (Hakha)-speaking congregations and one group. There is also one congregation and one group in the United States.

One brother stated: “I look forward to using this new translation of the book of Matthew in the ministry because it is written in a way that’s easy for all Chin (Hakha)-speaking people to understand.”


The program announcing the release was recorded in advance and shown at two Kingdom Halls in Myanmar. After the talk, the 173 in attendance received printed copies of the release, which was also made available for download in digital and audio formats.

Mizo, formerly known as Lushei, is spoken mainly in Bangladesh, Myanmar, and the Indian state of Mizoram. Worldwide, the language is spoken by about 1.3 million people. Some 250 publishers currently serve in five Mizo-language congregations in Myanmar and India.

Previously, the Chin (Hakha) and Mizo translation teams worked from a remote translation office (RTO) at the foot of the Chin Hills. In April 2021, civil war forced the teams to evacuate the RTO. Currently, the translators are working from a newly established RTO in Yangon, which is about 4.5 kilometers (3 mi) from the Myanmar branch office.

We rejoice that our Chin (Hakha)- and Mizo-speaking brothers and sisters and many others can now read the “glorious good news about the Christ” in their own language.—2 Corinthians 4:4.