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Using JW.ORG

Using JW.ORG

Get the most from by learning to use its features.

Find Online Content

Find the publication you are looking for with these easy-to-follow steps. Learn how to search for a title, a magazine issue, an available format, or specific content on

Find Content in a Different Language

Learn how to switch from one site language to another and how to display a webpage or search for a publication in another language.

Video Player Features

Use features of the video player to control video playback and change video settings.

Navigate JW.ORG Using a Mobile Device

Learn how to navigate menus, publications, and the online Bible, or to listen to the audio track of an article.

Use the Study Bible

Tutorials and tips about the study tools and features of the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (Study Edition).

Share a Link to an Article, Video, or Publication

Tips for using the Share feature on

Use the JW.ORG Skill for Amazon Alexa

Play selected content from on an Alexa-enabled device.

Frequently Asked Questions​—JW.ORG

Find answers to the most common questions.