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Did the Bible Predict the Way People Think and Act Today?

The Bible did foretell that people would change for the worse.

What Is Right, and What Is Wrong?

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Keep Hope Alive

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Is Social Media Harming Your Child?

How the Bible can help parents.


What Is the Resurrection?

You might be surprised at who will be brought back to life.

How Many Names Does God Have?

People may think that God has names that include ‘Allah,’ ‘Alpha and Omega,’ ‘El Shaddai,’ and ‘Jehovah-Jireh.’ Does it matter what we call God?

How to Be a Good Dad

Make a lasting difference in your child’s life by applying this Bible-based advice.


Why Can’t People Make Peace?​—⁠What Does the Bible Say?

Learn three reasons why people have not been able to end wars.

Is Friendship With God Possible?

Have you ever wanted to ask God: “Who are you? Where are you? Do you care about me?”


Increasing Lawlessness Worldwide

What does the Bible say?


Is Truth Important Anymore?

Does truth even exist? If so, how can you find it?


What Has Happened to Decency?

What does the Bible say?


Spend Quality Time Together

Communication can suffer even when husbands and wives are in the same room. How can couples make the most of their time together?

Does God Care About Women?

The answer can help you to find peace in the face of mistreatment and injustice.


How Can I Find Happiness in Life?

Our free Bible study program can help.