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“Declare the Good News!”

2024 Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses

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Program Highlights

Friday: Consider evidence that the good news about Jesus in the Gospels is an accurate record of his life. Learn how these Bible accounts can benefit us today.

Saturday: What was prophesied about Jesus’ birth and childhood, and did those prophecies really come true?

Sunday: In the Bible-based talk “Why We Don’t Fear Bad News,” learn why millions today have reasons to feel secure and confident despite worsening world conditions.

Feature Drama

The Good News According to Jesus: Episode 1

The True Light of the World

Jesus’ miraculous birth was only the first of many gripping events that marked his childhood. He was hunted by a murderous king, and he was taken to Egypt. Later, he astounded some of the greatest teachers of his day. Watch these and other scenes unfold in the two-part episode on Friday and Saturday.

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2024 Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses: “Declare the Good News!”

Preview this year’s convention program.

Feature Drama Preview: The Good News According to Jesus

Many are familiar with the miraculous birth of Jesus. But what events preceded and followed that thrilling event?