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What Your Peers Say

Watch videos of young people from around the world who talk about life’s challenges and how they cope with them.


How Can I Talk to My Parents?

There may be more benefits than you realize.

What Young People Say About Cell Phones

For many teenagers, a cell phone is their social lifeline. What are the pros and cons of having one?

How Can I Cope With Bullying?

You might not change the bully, but you can change your reaction.

What Young People Say About Procrastination

Hear what young people have to say about the pitfalls of procrastinating and the benefits of using your time wisely.

Young People Talk About Money

Get tips on saving, spending, and keeping money in its place.

Who Am I?

Knowing the answer can help you face challenges successfully.

How Can I Resist Peer Pressure?

Find out how Bible principles can help you to succeed.

What Young People Say About Body Image

Why can it be challenging for young people to maintain a balanced view of their physical appearance? What can help?

Why Am I So Worried About My Appearance?

Learn how you can keep your feelings under control.

How Can I Fight the Pressure to Have Premarital Sex?

Three Bible principles can help you to resist temptation.

What Young People Say About Sexual Harassment

Hear what five young people say about being harassed and what to do when it happens.

Young People Talk About Healthy Lifestyles

Do you find it hard to eat right and exercise? In this clip young people share what they do to stay healthy.

Young People Talk About Belief in God

In this three-minute video, teenagers explain what convinces them that there is a Creator.

Is It Reasonable to Believe in God?

Meet two young people who faced their doubts and strengthened their faith.

How Can the Bible Help Me?

The answer can help you have a happier life.

Young People Talk About Bible Reading

Reading is not always easy, but reading the Bible is worth the effort. Four young people explain how they benefit from Bible reading.

Reasons for Faith—God’s Standards Versus My Own

Young adults explain how they avoided the bad outcomes of many of their classmates.

How Can I Fix My Mistakes?

The solution might not be as difficult as you think.

The Best Life Ever

Do you want a rewarding life? Listen as Cameron tells how she found a satisfying life in an unexpected place.