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What Is the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses?

What Is the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses?

 The Governing Body is a small group of mature Christians who provide direction for Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide. Their work is twofold:

 The Governing Body follows the pattern set by “the apostles and elders in Jerusalem” in the first century, who made important decisions on behalf of the entire Christian congregation. (Acts 15:2) Like those faithful men, the members of the Governing Body are not the leaders of our organization. They look to the Bible for guidance, acknowledging that Jehovah God has appointed Jesus Christ as the Head of the congregation.​—1 Corinthians 11:3; Ephesians 5:​23.

Who are the members of the Governing Body?

 The members of the Governing Body are Kenneth Cook, Jr., Gage Fleegle, Samuel Herd, Geoffrey Jackson, Stephen Lett, Gerrit Lösch, Mark Sanderson, David Splane, and Jeffrey Winder. They serve at our world headquarters in Warwick, New York, U.S.A.

How is the Governing Body organized?

 The Governing Body has established six committees to oversee various aspects of our work, and each member serves on one or more of these committees.

  •   Coordinators’ Committee: Supervises legal matters and responds to disasters, to incidents in which Jehovah’s Witnesses are persecuted for their religious beliefs, and to other urgent matters affecting Jehovah’s Witnesses.

  •   Personnel Committee: Oversees the arrangements for Bethel family members.

  •   Publishing Committee: Supervises the production and shipping of Bible literature and the construction of meeting places, translation offices, and branch facilities.

  •   Service Committee: Oversees our work of preaching the “good news of the Kingdom.”​—Matthew 24:14.

  •   Teaching Committee: Directs the preparation of spiritual instruction provided by means of meetings, schools, and audio and video programs.

  •   Writing Committee: Directs the preparation of spiritual instruction provided in printed form and on our website and oversees translation work.

 In addition to its work through these committees, the Governing Body meets each week to consider the needs of the organization. In these meetings, the members discuss what the Scriptures say, and they yield to the influence of God’s holy spirit, striving for unanimous decisions.​—Acts 15:25.

Who are the helpers to the Governing Body?

 These are trustworthy Christians who assist Governing Body committees. (1 Corinthians 4:2) They have ability and experience in the work overseen by the committee to which they are assigned, and they attend its weekly meeting. Although they do not share in making decisions, the helpers provide valuable advice and background information, implement the committee’s decisions, and monitor the results and progress of these. They may also be assigned by the Governing Body to visit our brotherhood in various parts of the world or to deliver parts at events such as annual meetings or Gilead graduations.





  • Ekrann, John

  • Gillies, Paul

  • Snyder, Troy


  • Grizzle, Gerald

  • LaFranca, Patrick

  • Molchan, Daniel

  • Scott, Mark

  • Walls, Ralph


  • Butler, Robert

  • Corkern, Harold

  • Glockentin, Gajus

  • Gordon, Donald

  • Luccioni, Robert

  • Reinmueller, Alex

  • Sinclair, David


  • Breaux, Gary

  • Dellinger, Joel

  • Georges, Betty

  • Griffin, Anthony

  • Hyatt, Seth

  • Jedele, Jody

  • Mavor, Christopher

  • Perla, Baltasar, Jr.

  • Rumph, Jacob

  • Smith, Jonathan

  • Turner, William, Jr.

  • Weaver, Leon, Jr.


  • Banks, Michael

  • Curzan, Ronald

  • Flodin, Kenneth

  • Malenfant, William

  • Noumair, Mark

  • Schafer, David


  • Ahladis, Nicholas

  • Christensen, Per

  • Ciranko, Robert

  • Godburn, Kenneth

  • Mantz, James

  • Marais, Izak

  • Martin, Clive

  • Myers, Leonard

  • Smalley, Gene

  • van Selm, Hermanus