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How to Deal With Isolation

How to Deal With Isolation

 Are you feeling isolated and lonely? If so, you may feel as did the psalmist who said: “I am like a solitary bird on a roof.” (Psalm 102:7) The Bible’s wisdom can help you to deal with problems that are caused by isolation.

 Pursue spiritual growth

 Even while you are isolated, you can find happiness by being aware of your spiritual need and filling it. (Matthew 5:3, 6) The following free resources can help you get started.

Read comforting Bible passages

  These Scriptures have helped many to find comfort. Rather than reading several passages at once, try using your time in isolation as an opportunity to meditate on each passage and to pray.—Mark 1:35.

Understand the meaning of world events

  You can deal better with any troubling situation if you know why bad things happen and how God will undo them.—Isaiah 65:17.

Avoid needless anxiety

  Articles on the following subjects can help you to deal with stress caused by isolation and to “stop being anxious.”—Matthew 6:25.

Cultivate friendships

  Friendships benefit your mental and emotional health and are even more important when face-to-face connections are difficult. If you are confined at home, you may be able to use videoconferencing or voice calls to maintain existing friendships and build new ones. The following articles can help you to find and be “a true friend.”—Proverbs 17:17.

Stay physically active

  The Bible acknowledges that “exercise is beneficial.” (1 Timothy 4:8, footnote) It can contribute to mental health, especially when you are dealing with isolation. Even when you are confined to your home, likely there are things you can do to stay active.